Reading list (and books used for research)


Some things I am reading at the moment (started early to mid March 2016). A title with a line through it means it has been read; blue text means currently reading; and bold red means too scared to even pick it up!

Freeman, M. (2014). Capturing light, ILEX; 01 edition

Short, M. (2011). Context and narrative. Lausanne, Switzerland: AVA Academia.

Benjamin, W. and Underwood, J. (2008). The work of art in the age of mechanical reproduction. London: Penguin.

Burke, E. (2015) A philosophical Enquiry into the origins of the sublime and beautiful. United States: Createspace.

Soutter, L. (2013). Why art photography? New York: Routledge.

Ernst, B. (1976). The magic mirror of M.C. Escher. New York: Random House.

Scott, C. (1999). The spoken image. London: Reaktion .

Ang, T. (2015). Photography. Milano: Gribaudo.

Fink, L. and Kereszi, L. (n.d.). Larry Fink on composition and improvisation.

Fried, M. (2008). Why photography matters as art as never before. New Haven: Yale University Press.

R. and Lavers, A. (1972). Mythologies. New York: Hill and Wang.

Ingledew, J. (2013) Photography. 2nd ed. London: Laurence King Publishing Ltd.

Clarke, G. (1997). The photograph. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Jeffrey, I. and Kozloff, M. (2008). How to read a photograph. London: Thames & Hudson.

Szarkowski, J. (1966). The photographer’s eye. New York: Museum of Modern Art; distributed by Doubleday, Garden City, N.Y.

Barnbaum, B. (2010). The art of photography. Santa Barbara, CA: Rocky Nook.

Shore, S. (2013). The nature of photographs. London: Phaidon.

Diprose, G. and Robins, J. (2012). Photography : the new basics. London: Thames & Hudson.

Hill, P., Approaching Photography, Focal Press, 1982

Garrett, J. and Harris, G. (2008). Collins complete photography course. London: Collins

Bate, D., Photography: The Key Concepts, Bloomsbury Academic, 2016

Higgins, J., Why It Does Not Have to Be in Focus – Modern Photography Explained, Thames & Hudson, London, 2013

Papageorge, T., Core Curriculum – Writings on Photography,  Aperture Foundation Inc, Honk Kong, 2011

Ramachandran, V.S., Phantoms in the Brain – Human Nature and the Architecture of the Mind, Harper Perennial, London, 1998.

Freeman, M, The Photographer’s Mind – Creative Thinking for Better Digital Photos, Focal Press, 2009.

Cotten, C., The Photograph as Contemporary Art, Thames & Hudson Ltd, London, 2004

Berger, J., Understanding a Photograph, Penquin Books, 1967.

Bunnell, P. C., Inside the Photograph, Aperture Foundation, 2009.

Johnson, W., Rice, M., Williams, C., Mulligan, T. and Wooters, D. (2012). From 1839 to the present. Koln: Taschen.

Freeman, M, The Photographer’s Eye – Composition and Design for Better Digital Photos, Focal Press, 2007.


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