Project 1: The Distorting Lens – Exercise 2.1

Ex 2.1

Surely the easiest task on the planet. Of course it took me ages to get it right, and not even that right come to think of it. I am still working on that annoying trait of mine that is to overthink and (try) to be a total perfectionist about these things. But let’s be honest, why do something like this if you are not going to even attempt to do it properly?

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Shot 1 was taken at 40mm (80mm Eq.); shot 2 at 50mm; shot 3 at 100mm; and the final shot 4 was at full zoom of 150mm (which is 300mm Eq 35mm format)
There are differences between the shots and none of them seem too close to normal vision. That comes as no surprise with my zoom being an 80mm Eq. at its shortest focal length of 40mm on the Olympus M4/3 sensor, and the human eye corresponding roughly to a 40mm on a full frame 35mm format, so, not too natural a feel to it.
There’re some quite interesting opinions (as well as a lot of silliness) on this DPREVIEW thread regarding the ‘human eye equivalence on 35mm format’ and a reasonably nice overview of the same query here.

Me? For now, I’ll stick to my 25mm, 50mm, and 35mm primes, in that order.


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