A3 Self Evaluation

A3 Evaluation 


How well does this assignment meet the assessment criteria?

I feel that I have touched on all the criteria and developed and experimented within each criterion.

Demonstration of technical and visual skills
There is a certain amount of visual awareness apparent with this assignment, particularly with the use of framing to ‘capture’ the letters; this clearly shows a level of observational skills relevent to the expected level of this type of course. Furthermore, we can see the employment of clear design ideas with the final effect of placing the images side by side to create the word ‘moment’.

Quality of outcome
The final outcome is pertinent to the task, and communication of ideas is presented in a clear and coherent manner.

Demonstration of creativity
There is a fair amount of creative endeavour with this project, from the ability to visualise and then capture the letters to the basic technical use of post production to crop and ‘bring out’ (and on occasion adjust) the letters within each frame; there is also a certain amount of invention present with the toying of the concept of the decisive moment (moving away from the more ubiquitous meaning) and the subsequent development of the assignment into a personal project with the Road Sign adjunct.

Looking over the preliminary ideas and research we can see a good amount of reading and reflection within the topic of the decisive moment especially regarding the universal take on the decisive moment and also Cartier-Bresson’s own views. Thanks to this research, the assignment then developed, mutated or matured even, into the work presented, as well as the additional road sign idea.


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