Me. Recently.

I’m not a photographer.
I use photography: we get on.
I know how to take the kind of photos that I know how to take.
But I’m not closed-minded or scared.
I’m creative; I see things; I am aware of this.
I look for things all around me and observe shapes and forms all the time: I’m aware of them; there is never any respite.

I am a disciple of the Line: she is EVERYWHERE.
And I see her. She is part of me. She is one of my favourite Gods.
She knows that.
And I agree: it is only geometry.
I am a slave to the Shadow: she is omnipresent and enticing; eerie and moody and mine.
I never run from her but embrace her open-heartedly.
I always look for her.
She knows that too.
I see in colour – and that colour is good, rich, vivid and satisfying.
I see in black and white, and I crave its tones and subtle shades: the evocative game it plays and displays.
I adore ambiguity just as I respect clarity.
Paradox gets me every time.
Diversity dances a pleasant rhythm for me and I try not to judge.
I see connections, I am the synesthete, just like you.
I am the happy idiot just as I am the shy one.
I am not scared of these things.
Why should they frighten me?
I welcome them, savour them, and play with their essence, and bathe in their meanings.
I don’t need competitiveness.
I’m an optimist; I see things in a positive light.
Humour abounds, but I probably don’t take it seriously enough.
I am no slave to money – the most ridiculous of our Gods.
I don’t need your Likes.
Or your sympathy.
But thanks anyway.
I am not arrogant – I find the humble most attractive.
I am extremely happy. And grateful.
And lucky.
And normal – just like you.
I enjoy this time, this beautiful finite adventure.

I don’t do photography for you.
Or anyone else.
Except me.
I freeze moments and capture moods and transcribe them using the language of photography: a language I am learning.
I don’t need to tell stories – although I enjoy learning how to.
But I don’t look for them.
They find me.
And I discover them. I constrain them: they tell their own stories.
We all see stories anyway.
If we look.
I look therefore I am.
Video ergo sum, or something like that.
To look is to think, just as to think is to look.
Happy looking.